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    Kuala Lumpur Bullies


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    Kuala Lumpur Bullies

    Post  Shana on Mon May 09, 2011 7:39 pm

    Nowadays a case that the girls bully a girl and cut all her hair... Sad Just someone made Hitler because this case happened.


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    Re: Kuala Lumpur Bullies

    Post  DC on Mon May 09, 2011 9:29 pm

    Hitler got a lot of complaint about many stuff xD

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    Re: Kuala Lumpur Bullies

    Post  DEAncientNaga on Mon May 09, 2011 10:47 pm

    Attention: Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia

    I think we need a translator for that video Smile
    Here, I try to translate all of the setences:
    (English <-> Chinese)

    Recently USA army killed Osama - 话说最近osama被美军给灭了
    The reason is he uses foursquare to check in here - 原因是他用4square在这里check in
    Then, Obama also liked it - 然后obama也觉得这挺赞的
    Internet users turned their focal point from Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black... - 网民们终于把焦点从justin bieber, rebecca黑 Osama - 转向osama了
    This is not the point - 这不是重点
    Recently there is another new greater than Osama - 最近还有一单红的新闻
    You know what is it? - 你们可知道啥?
    My dear principal - 我亲爱的校长
    I don't know - 我不知道
    I don't know either - 我也不知道
    What is is? - 有什么新闻还红能过osama被灭?
    Who did not cut, - 不是剪人头发
    Blackmail, - 勒别人的劲
    Beat, - 打别人
    and laughs at other students - 嘲笑别人
    or record videos of students being bullied - 录影片的人
    Get out of this room at once - 给我马上离开这个房间
    *Whisper* that case being discovered?(被发现了吗._.)
    *Whisper2* you guys are doom now(这次你们大条了orz)
    You are these bully bastards!? - 就是你们这几个粉肠吗?
    Why you love to bully and cut others hair!? - 为什么去欺负别人剪别人的头发?
    You know that hair for girls is very important!? - 你们知道头发对女生来说有多莫重要吗?
    *Girl whisper* Don't cry, your hair will grow back - (别哭了,头发会长回来的)
    F*ck you!? What's wrong with you!? - 你他妈的头脑是上了哪根筋
    Is it the weather too hot that damaged your brain and become retard!? - 天气太热烧坏脑中暑脑残了啊?
    If you feel the weather is too hot then but your own hair! Why you go cut other peoples' hair!? - 如果觉得热就剪自己的干嘛要去剪别人的
    *A student answer* Because she looks like pig/pork - 因为她长得像猪排
    I really hate pig/pork
    - 猪排什么的最讨厌了
    What pig? Your motherf*cker!! - 猪你的妹啊?
    What you think you are? - 你算什么毛?
    Sir, at least I look like spaghetti - 校长,至少我也算是意大利面
    Spaghetti? - 意大利面?
    I hate spaghetti the most in my life! - 我最讨厌意大利面了
    Now our school's reputation lowered... - 现在学校的名誉 you these kind of dogs!! - 给你们几条拖哀家败了
    You think people will dare to sign up to our school anymore? - 以后还有人会来报读我们的学校吗?
    What should I do? How can I get my income? I eat my own shit for surviving? - 我以后吃屎过日子吗?
    The background music still put !! *a song name* - 背景音乐还敢放<我也是坏人>
    Damn you motherf*ckers you all are villains!! - 你们他妈的都是坏人
    Don't insult the song I love most okay!? - 不要侮辱我最喜欢的这首歌啊
    And you guys still upload the video and encourage others to press "Like" or "Share" to their friends!! - 把影片传了还敢叫人按赞叫人分享
    Millions of internet users "Liked" that video!! - 网民们有几百万个赞哦(握拳)
    I heard that Osama don't have courage to provoke Malaysians while he's alive... - 听说osama生前都不敢惹马来西亚
    ...and this is one of the reasons - 这也成为了其中的原因之一
    Who will dare to travel in a full-gangsterism country next time? - 以后还有人敢来者个流氓国家旅游吗?
    I HATE BULLIES, F*CKERS! - 群集欺负什么最讨厌了,咬杀!
    *Girl whispers* Don't cry anymore, they will get their judgement -(好了不要再哭了,他们会有报应的)
    Me, the principal can't help you now - 现在校长我也帮不到你们了
    Surrender yourself at the police station - 自己去自首吧
    Today is Mother's day - 今天是母亲节
    And you three became famous due reported on newspaper - 上报纸都出名了
    Enjoy the left of your life in bridewell - 下辈子去感化院度过吧
    And get hair cut by officers - 然后被别人剪光头发
    Wish your own mother Happy Mother's day... - 祝你的母亲母亲节快乐

    lol this is just the subtitles changed. It's original from DotA Hilter's discussion. You can hear the speeches different with the subs (Example: Steiner lawl)

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    Re: Kuala Lumpur Bullies

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