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Whos still playing?

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The user is back!

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News & Announcements Previe10
8.8zi is released!

FOCS3 8.8zi changelog
●Naraku's (E) Puppet - Cooldown increased from 30 to 40 seconds and all levels have only 1 summon
●Kisame's (R) Senjikizame - Skill nerfed
●Ichigo's (V) - Shortcut changed to (C)
●Sasuke's (B) Mangekyo Sharingan - Shortcut changed to (C)

Maps (Links):
Original link: FOCS3 8.8zi

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News & Announcements Previe10
8.8zh is released!

FOCS3 8.8zg changelog
●Inuysahs's (V) Yokai form - Removed automatically form bug
●Inuyasha's (W) Kaze no Kizu - Bug fixed (area bug)
●Roronoa Zoro - Added new skill (V) Nitoryu Iai: Rashomon
●Ulquiorra's (V) Sonido - Adds 100 teleport range while using (E) Resurreccion: Segunda Etapa skill
●Kisame's (R) Suiton: Senjikizame - Total damage upgraded
●Edward's (E) Decompose - Damage changes from 2000, 4000, 6000, to 1500, 3000, 4500

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News & Announcements Previe10
8.8zd is released!

FOCS3 8.8zf changelog

Changes with Aizen:
●In 20 kills mode - Aizen will start with 100 000 health and 100 in all attributes
●In 20 kills mode - Aizen can block a spell every 60 seconds (item)
●In other kills mode - Aizen will get extra 50 000 health (item)
Changes with Edward:
●Edward's (W) Transmuting Ground Spikes - Area of effect changed
●AoE from 175, 225, 275, 325, 375 change to 200,...

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Join our Facebook group to play games with each other and contact instantly!

Ask to join the group and administrators will approve as soon as possible.

We play most in Asia channel (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan etc.)

Also, TenshiNation theme will be changed soon to a new theme, please wait Very Happy

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Download 8.8n (NOCD) ?ynj6d7jqrjdjskc

- 2 goals to participate this competition:

I) Shortest time to touch 1,000,000 in NO COOLDOWN mode
II) Shortest time to kill the Boss (Superboo / Aizen)

- Rules & Info:

1. Get any kind of map with NO COOLDOWN mode (but not with cheat triggers).
2. If you use other NO COOLDOWN mode map, make sure you send the map link too.
3. Choose any hero you like,...

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1. News & Announcements Naruto-shippuden-wallpapers-462

im just post it only and any suggestion from tenshination user. Smile

2. News & Announcements BleachFOCS

this is my second wallpaper hope to all like it Smile

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Recently, a good player named Tailer007 had created first FOCS wikia with Russian language

And now, I'm translating the pages to English, make 2 languages available in there

It will be completed soon.

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A Spain FOCS clan have stolen some of the information and original artworks from these 3 sites:

TenshiNation -
Portugise FOC Blog (FOCBR) -
Clan Sama (Spain Clan) -

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News & Announcements Minima11
8.8zd is released!

FOCS3 8.8zd changelog
●System: Added command "-r" , all players can only press "R" - Random button instead of picking heroes
●System: Added command "-s" , to remove "Random" button in all wisp
●System: Added blue glowing effect at some characters
●Goku's (T) Genki Dama - Effect modified
●Luffy's (W) Gomu gomu no Gattling gun - Effect modified
●Luffy's (T) Gomu gomu no storm - Effect modified
●Sasuke's model modified

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News & Announcements Minima11
8.8za is released!

FOCS3 8.8za changelog
●Inuyasha's (T) Medo Zangetsuha - Learning level extended to 30/35/40
●Inuyasha's (T) Medo Zangetsuha - Damage while in trapped decreased
●Inuyasha's Yokai form - Auto learn at level 15, passive by clicking on it to use, active if Inuyasha's hitpoints less than 10%
●Inuyasha's Yokai form - Increases attacks speed and 20% chance to deal 100 + 0.5x strength (Hijin Kesso) in an attack with 600 range, form lasts 15 seconds with...

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News & Announcements Minima11
8.8y is released!

FOCS3 8.8y changelog
●Enel's (R) Raigo - Damage decreased to 4000/5000/6000
●Enel's (R) Raigo - Cooldown reduced from 180/170/160 to 120
●Enel's (R) Raigo - Casting time reduced to 2.5 seconds
●Enel has a new ability (T) Transformation, learning level: 23/30/37
●Naruto's (Q) Rasengan - Effect changed
●System: Right bottom creeps, Infernal's model brightness modified
●Ace's (T) Entei - Effect modified (Enlarging fireball accelerated)

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Garena Clan System is back!

Garena clan system has been fixed, so I will create a clan once I purchase Garena topup card that requires around RM20

Stay tuned...EFOC clan will be opened!

Later I will inform you guys after I open the clan

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News & Announcements Minima11
8.8v is released!

FOCS3 8.8v changelog
●Naraku's (E)Summon Ningyo - Pupets model changed
●Naruto's (Q)Rasengan & (R)Futon: Rasenshuriken - skills error fixed
●FOCS Season3 will stop renewing!
●FOCS Season4 Comming Soon (December)
●Next Map: FOCS4 Another 1.0a

Maps (Links):
Original link: FOCS3 8.8v

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News & Announcements Minima11
8.8u is released!

FOCS3 8.8u changelog
●Sasuke's model avatar view modified
●Sasuke's (W) Chidori range decreased
●Naraku's model changed (so cool Very Happy )
●Added comment "-d" or "-최적화" for player 1 (Red), function is to remove thanks-to-list

Maps (Links):

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News & Announcements Minima11
8.8t is released!

FOCS3 8.8t changelog
●Sasuke's (Q) Chidori Nagashi ●Inuyasha's (W) Kaze No Kizu ●Luffy's (W) Gomu gomu no Gattling gun - Slightly trigger change and casting area widened
●System - Spawning creeps will appear words
●Saber's (R) Excalibur - Learning level extended 20 > 22

Maps (Links):
Original link: FOCS3 8.8t

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News & Announcements Minima11
8.8s is released!

FOCS3 8.8s changelog
●Aokiji's (R) Ice Age - Trigger modified (Selective casting range & area > Cast around Aokiji)
●Edward's (Ability) Transmutation Circle - Level & Limits modified (Lvl1 "1circle" ; Lvl5 "2circles" ; Lvl10 "3circles")
●Edward's (R) Big Punching Stone - Learning level dragged back from 22 > 20
●Clare's (Ability) Acute Yoki Sensing - Will be learnt at hero level 1
●Clare's (E) Half-Awakened Form - Lasting time and cooldown...

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News & Announcements Minima11
8.8r is released!

Here are the changelogs:
FOCS3 8.8p changelog
●Zoro's item - 50 Strength, 100 Agility, 1000 hitpoints, 5% chance to deal 2x damage
●Sasuke's model changed (Removed Akatsuki Jacket)
●Gaara's model modified
●Luffy (W) Gomu gomu no Gattling Gun - reduced lag
●Neji, Renji, Naraku, Aokiji, Edward, Enel, Kisame modified

Total changelog
●Zoro's item bug fixed
●Sasuke's model changed (Removed Akatsuki...

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News & Announcements 00000010
8.8o is released!

Here are the changelogs:
Heroes changelog
●Saber (E) Learning level extended 10 > 12
●Hiruzen (Q) Katon: Karyuu Endan modified
●Lancer (E+W) Charge time reduced 2 > 1 seconds
●Lancer (Q) Area modified "250-450 > 350-450"
●Naruto (R) Futon: Rasenshuriken damage reduced > Damage = 6000 + 0.5x Agility in 350 area
●Naraku (V+W) Wasps damage reduced 50% > 25%
●Percentage cooldown timer had installed on all characters' skills

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Try to look clearly bottom there,it has 'my link'group there,and the second bottom one are our website!

by teckyang97 - Comments: 4 - Views: 1818
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New characters and images from Korea Cafe

News & Announcements 21240210

Image original source link -

News & Announcements Focs10

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News & Announcements 00000010
8.8n is released!

Here are the changelogs:
●Immolation Enchantment item's icon changed
●Ulquiorra (E) skill levels, models, effects modified
●Ulquiorra (E) skill "Tozase Murcielago" model and "Sero Osukyurasu" stalled to level 10 > 12
●Ulquiorra (E) skill "Ressurecion Segunda" model and "Lanzadel Relampago" stalled to level 20 > 22
●Ichigo (E) skill models modified (Deleted Vesta Lorde form)
●Goku (R) skill models modified (Deleted Super Saiyan 2nd form)

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News & Announcements 00000010
8.8l is released!

Here are the changelogs:
●Kenpachi (E) skill extra strength damage decreased from 0.75x > 0.5x
●Sasuke's Susanoo return damage lowered
●Naruto (Q) skill [Rasengan] do not deal 2x damage while Sennin Mode (E) is on
●Edward's (E) skill [Decomposed] level had been risen "10 > 15"
●Some characters models and skill effects changed (Example: Susanoo becomes purple)
●Sarutobi's (R) skill [Doryuu Hekki] effect modified. Allied heroes inside becomes invulnerable after...

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News & Announcements 00000010
8.8k is released!

Here are the changelogs:
●Wisp error fix
●Effect error fix
●Duel zone effect (water) error corrected
●Duel Zone effect added
●Superboo (Boss) replaced with Aizen (New boss)

Maps (Links):
Original link: FOCS3 8.8k

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Another FOCS forum that was created by our member, Sasuke Uchiha.

Here's the forum link:

But I prefer all Singaporeans to join that forum Razz

Anyway, you can also challenge them, there's a Challenging arena too ^^

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News & Announcements 145B424F4DE65AF60C7D72
Download link:

This game have a little same with Troopers Vs. Zombies.

After you played Trooper Vs. Zombies , you will feel this map is kind of simple to play

Nice map

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News & Announcements News8.8

I know that some of you knew this, but I just wanna announce others who don't know

New hero in 8.9 will take from an animation named "Berserk"

If you're interested in it, you may download it from these links:

High-Quality format video (.rmvb):
Episode 1 - The Black Swordsman
Episode 2 - Band of the Hawk
Episode 3 - Baptism of Fire
Episode 4 - Hand of God
Episode 5 - Sword of Wind
Episode 6 - Zodd the Immortal

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News & Announcements 00000010
8.8i + 8.8j are released!

FOCS3 8.8j changelog:
●[Hero-choosing arena] and [Duel arena] merged.
●Memory leak deleted

FOCS3 8.8i changelog:
●Orochimaru gains back C skill (Regains health)
●1 on 1 duel mode removed
●Toshiro's ulti weakened
●Kisame's model modified
●Deidara's model modified
●Movement speed trigger stabilized
●Ace's T skill bug fixed
●Goku's T skill bug fixed
●Some skills disabled from casting from [BLUE TEAM]'s home through golems...

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I'm glad Uijng visited our website cheers

Thank you Uijng.

Here is some of the pics that can prove it:

Uijng's tistory:

News & Announcements Uijng_10


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