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    Yo, mina. I'm from old europe clan, cfoc



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    Yo, mina. I'm from old europe clan, cfoc

    Post  CFOC]Sasori on Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:51 am

    Someone told me about this forum on my old clan forum what is kinda dead atm.

    Looking forward to playing with you guys^^
    I never before used Garena so meh, hopefully I'll make it running to this morning, need finish some homework first tho.
    Something about me:
    I'm average feeder^^ (no sleeping = no big plays)
    Playing since 7.7
    Jinho > Ujidiasjing (imo)
    Ichigo main
    On known for 'never give up' even 1v4 games and some crazy buu/aizen steals xD, almost always forget mode then I'm like 'wtf, if I knew it was X kills I wouldn't make this and this..', received title 'flamer' (guess it was true before I experienced league of trolls and become super calm person which accept stupidity of most people quietly)
    About ~1000 pub games (most of them was 8.1, I got that version mastered but I'm still lost in some changes in 8.8+)
    Only very few 1v1 (like 10 or so, didn't tryhard a single one of them tho, bec it was againts random ppl)

    Cya in game^^


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    Re: Yo, mina. I'm from old europe clan, cfoc

    Post  Username on Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:01 pm

    Welcome to the dead forum!
    But I'm here now. SO ITS HALF DEAD

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