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    FontCraft v2.01


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    FontCraft v2.01

    Post  Xburst on Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:44 pm

    I noticed that there are some unifont guides and war3patch.mpq to see koreans and japanese and etc.

    I found a new way to do this and make sure you backup your war3patch.mpq before doing this
    As soon as you finished download thing file extract it to a new folder and run the fontcraft.exe RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR if you're on windows 7 or Vista.

    The first bar pick the font ARIALUNI.ttf and the second bar lead it to your wc3 directory

    Instead of the first option pick the second one. The first one is to remove font
    FontCraft v2.01

    Unfortunately I'm too lazy to put a screenshot but you'll get the main idea bounce

    EDIT : Added pic Tested and works on ALL version of wc3 including 1.26

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