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    Goodbye Tenshi


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    Goodbye Tenshi

    Post  [S]cott123 on Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:21 am

    Goodbye. Remove my name from clan. Thank you. I'm using back my old account. I'm gonna step out from the clan for a while.

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    Re: Goodbye Tenshi

    Post  Monozu(Deino~) on Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:56 am

    Farewell my friend..May the Goddess make us meet again

    Genesis wrote:
    My friend, do you fly away now?
    To a world that abhors you and I?

    My friend, your desire
    Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess


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    Re: Goodbye Tenshi

    Post  jonyaprj90111 on Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:37 pm

    bye scott D;

    Wareware wa tsuneni tomodachi ga daijōbu ni narimasu.
    We will always be friends okay.

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    Re: Goodbye Tenshi

    Post  DC on Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:10 pm

    Oooo.. Bye~~

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    Re: Goodbye Tenshi

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