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    News: FOCS3 8.8zd is released! (Click to read more)


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    News: FOCS3 8.8zd is released! (Click to read more)

    Post  DEAncientNaga

    8.8zd is released!

    FOCS3 8.8zd changelog
    ●System: Added command "-r" , all players can only press "R" - Random button instead of picking heroes
    ●System: Added command "-s" , to remove "Random" button in all wisp
    ●System: Added blue glowing effect at some characters
    ●Goku's (T) Genki Dama - Effect modified
    ●Luffy's (W) Gomu gomu no Gattling gun - Effect modified
    ●Luffy's (T) Gomu gomu no storm - Effect modified
    ●Sasuke's model modified
    ●Sasuke's (E) Tsukiyomi - Effect modified
    ●Enel's (R) Raigo - Effect modified
    ●Kimimaro's (Q) Teshi Sendan - Effect modified
    ●Inuyasha's (V) Yokai form - Provides maximum movement speed now

    Last comment: Come on Uijng...another nerfed hero

    My comment: Hmmm good fuction

    Maps (Links):
    Original link: FOCS3 8.8zd

    Current & Older changelogs:
    English changelog:
    FOCS3 8.8zd and below -

    Korean changelog:
    FOCS3 8.8zd -

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