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    News: FOCS3 8.8za is released! (Click to read more)


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    News: FOCS3 8.8za is released! (Click to read more)

    Post  DEAncientNaga

    8.8za is released!

    FOCS3 8.8za changelog
    ●Inuyasha's (T) Medo Zangetsuha - Learning level extended to 30/35/40
    ●Inuyasha's (T) Medo Zangetsuha - Damage while in trapped decreased
    ●Inuyasha's Yokai form - Auto learn at level 15, passive by clicking on it to use, active if Inuyasha's hitpoints less than 10%
    ●Inuyasha's Yokai form - Increases attacks speed and 20% chance to deal 100 + 0.5x strength (Hijin Kesso) in an attack with 600 range, form lasts 15 seconds with 60 seconds cooldown
    ●Enel's (T) Transformation - Learning level modified
    ●Infernal model modified
    ●Thanks to Spanish FOC clan, website
    ●Thanks to Arkane for providing information

    Uijng's Message: In the middle of November every year, senior high school students in Korea take a college entrance exam called the CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test)
    So can't update to december

    It seems he has given tips of what heroes should remove next map, guess it yourself

    New: Come on Uijng...another nerfed hero

    Maps (Links):
    Original link: FOCS3 8.8za

    Current & Older changelogs:
    English changelog:
    FOCS3 8.8za and below -

    Korean changelog:
    FOCS3 8.8za -

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    FOCS3 full changelog translated by me (provide by Tulip)

    Official Vampirism Speed Guide (by me)

    All of the links below may work:
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    Post on Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:04 pm  Arkane

    Inuyasha Yokai Form unlocked at lvl 15 now, and it is active now, but auto-active if less than 10% max HP.
    It no more increases mov spd, but still increases atk spd, and now it has 20% chance to deal 100+0.5x str extra damage.

    Post on Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:44 am  DEAncientNaga

    Thanks, I added it

    I added something new too (although just a little), please check again Smile

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