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    New hero will be in FOCS 8.9 (Click to read more)



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    New hero will be in FOCS 8.9 (Click to read more)

    Post  DEAncientNaga

    I know that some of you knew this, but I just wanna announce others who don't know

    New hero in 8.9 will take from an animation named "Berserk"

    If you're interested in it, you may download it from these links:

    High-Quality format video (.rmvb):
    Episode 1 - The Black Swordsman
    Episode 2 - Band of the Hawk
    Episode 3 - Baptism of Fire
    Episode 4 - Hand of God
    Episode 5 - Sword of Wind
    Episode 6 - Zodd the Immortal
    Episode 7 - Sword Master
    Episode 8 - Conspiracy
    Episode 9 - Assassination
    Episode 10 - Nobleman
    Episode 11 - Battle Engagement
    Episode 12 - Two People
    Episode 13 - Suicidal Act
    Episode 14 - Campfire of Dreams
    Episode 15 - The Decisive Battle
    Episode 16 - The Conqueror
    Episode 17 - Moment of Glory (Link might be broken)
    Episode 18 - Tombstone of Flames
    Episode 19 - Parting
    Episode 20 - The Spark
    Episode 21 - Confession
    Episode 22 - The Infiltration
    Episode 23 - Eve of the Feast
    Episode 24 - The Great Eclipse
    Episode 25 - Time of Eternity

    Thanks, happy watching Very Happy

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    Post on Mon May 30, 2011 9:39 am  Monozu(Deino~)

    thx for telling and announce

    Post on Mon May 30, 2011 10:17 am  Shana

    I dislike this kind of animation art Mad

    Post on Mon May 30, 2011 12:23 pm  DC

    s0s0p0| wrote:I dislike this kind of animation art Mad

    I kinda agree with you Neutral

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