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    News: FOCS3 8.8i + 8.8j are released! (Click to read more)


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    News: FOCS3 8.8i + 8.8j are released! (Click to read more)

    Post  DEAncientNaga

    8.8i + 8.8j are released!

    FOCS3 8.8j changelog:
    ●[Hero-choosing arena] and [Duel arena] merged.
    ●Memory leak deleted

    FOCS3 8.8i changelog:
    ●Orochimaru gains back C skill (Regains health)
    ●1 on 1 duel mode removed
    ●Toshiro's ulti weakened
    ●Kisame's model modified
    ●Deidara's model modified
    ●Movement speed trigger stabilized
    ●Ace's T skill bug fixed
    ●Goku's T skill bug fixed
    ●Some skills disabled from casting from [BLUE TEAM]'s home through golems area
    ●Camera adjustment command added for foreigner (-camera 50 ~ 150)

    Why 8.8h skipped?
    Follow the speech of uijng, it says 8.8h is an error, so he skipped

    Maps (Links):
    Original link: FOCS3 8.8i

    Original link: FOCS3 8.8j

    Current & older English changelog:
    FOCS3 8.8i + 8.8j -

    Korean changelog:
    FOCS3 8.8i -
    FOCS3 8.8j -

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