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    "Challenging Arena"s Read Before Posting


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    "Challenging Arena"s Read Before Posting

    Post  komeiji on Sat May 14, 2011 1:09 am

    Since I don't clearly Explained What Section Is this For , I had seen Few members had posted here some threads WHICH Doesn't Belongs to this Section. So I will now List The Do And Don't On this section.

    Only Do

    1. Finding a FOC "Teacher" To Guide You.
    2. Challenging Someone to Improve Yourself.
    3. Team Game Battle Inviting.

    Not To Do

    1. Posting Revenging Thread
    Why? Before You ask why , Do you found out Posting here Useful? We can help you to taunt him? Flame him While Playing with him? Or Maybe he flames you for some reason but he Treat some of us Nice too , It Means You are insulting him as well.

    2. He is A Noob Thread
    Why? The point of posting this thread is? Anyone mind Giving an Nice Explanation?

    3. Im a Noob(Actually Just Act Noob) and Finding Challenger Thread
    Why? The Answer is Obvious , No Acting Noob Please. If You think you are good enough , You can Name The Topic As "I'm a Experienced Player And Needs Some Improvement" .

    This Topic Is No Offense Topic, Im Not Offending of the members who Break the rules , But just I Received Some Complaining Messages that I must take Action on this Section.

    Those Threads Who Break the Rules WILL Be Deleted Without Noticing



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