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    Anime/Manga Logic Discussion


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    Anime/Manga Logic Discussion

    Post  DC on Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:54 pm

    Ok... monkey We all know that some part in anime/manga does not make sense, but hey, It's fictional. But just for some point, the story goes really WTF for some us cause it does not make a single sense at all!!! Let me start one... BLEACH

    1. TO become a captain, one must possessed BanKai. But in the story, some captain did not bother on using it while fighting Aizen. Exp.
    • Kyouraku Shunsui- Ok, he was going to. But stopped by Ukitake (WTF?)
    • Ukitake- Never bother to use it
    • Shinji Hirako- An ex-caption should have bankai right?
    • Isshin Kurosako- Saw the Kaori at his back. Is he a captain in the past?

    2. Some useless character really is unkillable while important character had to disappear or die or M.I.A. exp.

    • Hinamori- Will she ever die? Stab by Toshirou's katana in bankai State and injured by other captain. And worse, stab twice by Soi Fon shikai. So?

    • Gin Ichimaru- How come there's no news about him after he was cut down but Aizen?

    • Hyori (Vaizard Girl) - In anime, stabbed by Ichimaru ONCE! In manga, sliced into half. In the end, we still don't know whether she lived or not...

    You can do add some more WTF part in anime/manga with make you get Troll'ed easily.

    BTW, no offense to any author or any member here cyclops

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    Re: Anime/Manga Logic Discussion

    Post  [S]cott123 on Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:07 pm

    Orochimaru.He was killed by Sasuke at first but then WTF how come can he enter Sasuke's body during Sasuke fought with Itachi?

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